Transdermic & Injectable Carboxytherapy in Cosmetic Gynecology

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President of WSCG, World Society of Cosmetic Gynecology.
President of IUL, International Union of Lipoplasty.

Co-director del Curso de Postgrado en Ginecología Estética y Funcional de la Universidad de Barcelona, España.

Vice-President of ISRAIT, International Society of Reconstructive and

Aesthetic Intimate Treatments.

Certificates by

International Union of Lipoplasty, IUL

 World Society of Cosmetic Gynecology, WSCG

Dr. Leibaschoff will share with you his knowledge and experience as an educator around the world with more than 3000 doctors trained in the last 30 years.​


• Carboxitherapy 
• Updated concepts 
• Therapeutic action
• Technique and protocols
• Indications:
• Cosmetic gynecology:
• Vaginal and vulvar regeneration.
Aesthetic medicine:
• Facial aging. Cellulite.
• Stretch marks.
Cosmetic surgery:
• Pre and post liposculpture and lipograft.
• Peryeric Arteriopatias:
• Diabetic and/or varicose ulcers.
• Transcutaneous carboxytherapy:
• Concept.
• Scientific study that endorses its action.
• Therapeutic association of injectable and transcutaneous carboxi.
• Therapeutic associations of carboxi with other techniques:
• PRP. Photobiomodulation. Radio frequency. Laser. Lipograft and nanofat
• Different teams.
• Step-by-step application technique. 

Video demonstrations. Questions and answers.

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“Thank you for your micrograft course, it was very instructive and the step by step very useful to understand, I will implement it very quickly.”

Dr. Marta... – Costa Rica, August 2019

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