Ways of Learning with Dr. Leibaschoff

The training & workshops developed and delivered by Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff & ICAM USA are truly special events. They are prepared to satisfy the expectations of all physicians in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Gynecology and Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine, providing PRACTICAL and APPLICABLE knowledge for your daily practice.

One-To-One or Small Groups Hands-On Training

Deepen your Knowledge in Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology, Cosmetic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine:

  • Liposculpture

  • Lipotransfer. Micrograft.

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Labiaplasty

  • Biostimulation

  • PRP and Fat Tissue Stem Cells

  • Carboxitherapy

  • And Others

Maximize your educational experience in your own office with Dr. Leibaschoff as your tutor. 
Learn or update your knowledge. 
Perform the procedures on your patients under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Leibaschoff. 

Be Co-Director of a Workshop or Training in Your City

There are different ways to be a Co-Director at an event.

We are always looking for enthusiastic local colleagues in the field to work with us.
We welcome the medical industry to Co-Host an event, too.
Join us and be part of the continuous learning experience for the medical community.
Dr. Leibaschoff will provide the know-how and the lectures.
Step-by-step video demonstrations of different procedures.
Live demonstrations of different procedures.
International contacts.
Certificate provided by the IUL, International Union of Lipoplasty.
A great combination for a successful event!

Online Courses. Learn at your Own Pace.

Deepen your knowledge in different procedures: Liposculpture, Lipotransfer, Biostimulation, PRP, Fat Tissue Stem Cells, Carboxytherapy and Cosmetic Gynecology Rejuvenation Procedures, among others.

Complete immersion practice with Dr. Leibaschoff as your tutor.
Maximize your educational experience in your own office.
Learn or update your knowledge.
Arranged programs to serve your interests.
Learn how to combine different techniques to achieve optimal treatment results.
PowerPoint with essential teaching information and video demonstrations of procedures.
Dates and programs are available upon request to meet your needs.


“Thank you for your micrograft course, it was very instructive and the step by step very useful to understand, I will implement it very quickly.”

Dr. Marta... – Costa Rica, August 2019

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